ChordWP – Sheet Music For WordPress

UPDATE – ChordWP ProPack Is Now Available

The ChordWP ProPack adds new features including transposing, printing, and downloading for your music. Both ChordWP and the ChordWP ProPack will be developed and maintained by White Harvest.

ChordWP IconChordWP is a WordPress plugin for sharing sheet music in the form of staffless lead sheets. It uses the ChordPro music format with a couple extra optional directives. The base plugin provides a custom post type for music as well as a shortcode if you want to embed music in any other page or post. Optional add-ons provide the ability to transpose the music and to download the lead sheet as a PDF.

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BackupBuddy: More Than Just Backups


I’ve been using BackupBuddy by iThemes for backing up my WordPress sites for quite a while. But did you know that you can do a lot more than just backup WordPress sites with BackupBuddy? Here’s a look at some more advanced things you can do with BackupBuddy. The ability to pull and push changes back and forth between sites can literally change the way you build and maintain your WordPress sites.

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Installing WP-CLI and PHPUnit with Composer

Composer PHP WP-CLI and PHPUnit are excellent tools to use when developing and testing WordPress plugins. Composer is a great tool as well. It seems most people use Composer on a per-project basis – installing the packages they need just for the project they are working on. You can also install “global” packages, like these system tools, that you can use across multiple projects.

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