John 3:16 In PHP and Ruby

John 3:16 in PHP

$son = $god->loved($the_world);
foreach($whosoever as $person) {
  if($person->believe($son)) {

John 3:16 in Ruby

son = god.loved(the_world)
whosoever.each do |person|
  son.everlasting_life!(person) if person.believe?(son)

3 thoughts on “John 3:16 In PHP and Ruby

  1. Power says:

    =D I like! GOD bless you brother =)

  2. Richard Guay says:

    I love it too! That is great! I guess we could have a geek bible!

  3. Lee says:

    HA! Richard that would be funny. Imagine someone asking, “What translation of the Bible do you read? ESV, KJV, PHP?”

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