Add Self-Signed SSL Cert To cURL

In an earlier post we talked about adding a self-signed SSL certificate to Google Chrome so that you can use SSL certificates on your local development machine. This solves the problem of browsing around on your local site, but it doesn’t solve the issue of making cURL calls. For example, if your site is running […]

Secure Hosted Payments

It is exciting to finally have Secure Hosted Payments for WooCommerce live and ready for action. It has literally been years in the making. Combining simplicity with security is a tricky thing to do. Let me share a couple reasons why we built this app and why it might be something you’d be interested in checking […]

Install WordPress With WP-CLI

Here is how to get a basic WordPress site up and running using WP-CLI. This is particularly helpful for spinning up local WordPress installations for development of plugins and themes. You can also use WP-CLI to get started with unit testing your WordPress plugins with PHPUnit. For now, let’s see about getting WordPress installed.