Texpander – Text Expander For Linux

I’ve been using Ubuntu for a long time and have been lamenting the sad state of autokey and it’s relationship with Firefox and Thunderbird. Autokey is also a little more than I even need. I just want a quick way to expand a text snippet into a longer chunk of text. For example, I want […]

Add Self-Signed SSL Cert To cURL

In an earlier post we talked about adding a self-signed SSL certificate to Google Chrome so that you can use SSL certificates on your local development machine. This solves the problem of browsing around on your local site, but it doesn’t solve the issue of making cURL calls. For example, if your site is running […]

Moving Windows In Ubuntu

I’ve been using Ubuntu on my laptop for the past few weeks and have found a few handy tips for flinging windows around. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts as well as some custom little commands that use wmctrl to do some custom window sizes and locations.