John 3:16 In PHP and Ruby

John 3:16 in PHP $son = $god->loved($the_world); foreach($whosoever as $person) { if($person->believe($son)) { $son->everlasting_life($person); } } John 3:16 in Ruby son = god.loved(the_world) whosoever.each do |person| son.everlasting_life!(person) if person.believe?(son) end

PHP Documentation Help In Vim

Supposing you are whipping up some PHP code in Vim and want to quickly check the PHP documentation for the function you just typed. I wrote a quick little script to do just that. It uses the _open_ command is OSX to launch your default web browser to the page in the online PHP documentation […]

What’s The Best PHP Framework?

There is an enormous number of PHP frameworks available so I thought I share my experiences working with some of the most popular frameworks for PHP development. I have personally used all of the frameworks I describe either for my own projects or for actual client work. Here are my notes on how I evaluated […]