How To Use StepObjects in Cest Classes

Codeception can be used to write automated tests for PHP apps like you’d write with PHPUnit. In fact, Codeception uses PHPUnit under the hood to run unit tests. Codeception also has support for functional and acceptance tests. Here is a tip that took me over an hour of reading the Codeception source code to figure out. Hopefully this […]

PHP vs Ruby – Application Shelf Life

I plan to write a series of posts about how we develop, deploy, and support our affiliate software and digital downloads applications. And why, after 5 years of Ruby on Rails development we switched back to PHP. One of the reasons is what I refer to as the shelf life of a web application. Let’s […]

Append text to lines in Vim

Every time someone shows me something they like about some other editor it is always fun to show how the same thing can be done in vim. A popular thing in modern editors now seems to be multiple cursors and folks get excited about appending some text to a bunch of lines all at the […]

Run PHP Script in Vim

When developing PHP apps I often want to run the current file and see the results. Sometimes I even want to save those results, or perhaps manipulate the results. So I wrote this little vim function to run my currently open PHP file and place the results in a new VIm buffer.